CNC Exotic Mushrooms your personal data and ensures that the personal information that you provide to us is treated confidentially. In the following we will discuss the way in which we treat your data and we implement the information obligation imposed by the GDPR.

Please note: this statement relates to the general visit to our website. If you use the Grower Portal, then the General Privacy Statement applies. You can request this at

Why do we collect your data?
The purpose of our website is not to collect data from you. If you have a question or want to contact us, you can do so via the contact form on our website.

Which data do we process?
We only process the data that you have entered in the form or that you email us. We only complete this information when a customer relationship arises. In that case you will also receive our general privacy statement (see above).

The data that you can currently enter on our website are:

  • Name and address data, whether or not linked to a company name
  • e-mail address
  • telephone number

Why do we process your data?
If you fill in the form on this site or send us an e-mail, we need your details for the correct handling of your question or request.

How long do we keep your data?
We keep your data for as long as necessary to complete your question or request.

Sharing of personal data with third parties
We do not share your personal data with third parties, unless at your request. We may have to transfer your question or request to another party and before we do that, we will first ask for your permission.

Anonymous website visit
If you visit our website, we will keep records for the proper functioning of our website. This data consists of your IP address and your click behavior, tracked by Google's systems (see also below). Based on this we can see which parts of our website are visited and how long visitors stay there. We cannot see which name is linked to your IP address and that is not important for the operation of our website. We only use the data we receive from Google for statistical analysis and we do not share it with third parties.

Google and cookies
We use Google Analytics to map the behavior of visitors to our website. For this purpose, a cookie is stored on your computer to track user behavior. Broadly explained: the cookie links the IP number of your computer to the pages you visit and in this way Google can see which pages you visit, how long you stay there and what you click on. Based on your internet connection, Google is also able to determine where your computer is located, with which provider you visit the website and with which medium.

Google stores all this data in its databases and therefore has its own privacy policy. We can generate statistical reports from that database with Google Analytics about website visits in general and thereby improve our website and services. Google may provide this information to third parties if the company is legally required to do so.

Accept cookies or refuse cookies
By using this website you authorize CNC Exotic Mushrooms to process the information by Google and generate the statistical reports described above. However, you can indicate that you do not accept cookies when you visit this website. In that case you can use this website without a cookie being placed on your computer and your visit will not be monitored. The choice you make is stored on your computer and is remembered, so that you do not have to make that choice again on a subsequent visit. After a while, or if you have deleted all cookies from your computer or are using another computer, you will see the cookie request reappear. You can then make your choice again.

On this website you can read more about cookies and how you can set your browser to block or remove cookies from your computer:

Changing this privacy statement
CNC Exotic Mushrooms has the right to change the content of this statement at any time without prior notice. The modified version will then be published here.

Questions or remarks
If you have any questions about this statement, or if you find this statement incomplete or incorrect, please contact us at with the subject 'Privacy statement for the CNC Exotic Mushrooms website'.